iGlobal is proud to offer a line of in-cab scanning devices that allow trucking companies to receive their transportation documents almost as soon as the driver receives them from the shipper. This patented in-cab scanning technology is just one of our many real-time information management solutions.

In today's increasingly competitive market, communication makes the difference. You need real-time information in order to streamline business processes, increase profitability, and provide your customers the level of service they demand. Meeting these challenges requires new technology and a new way of doing business.

Our Vision

iGlobal is the future of communications technology for the transport industry. Our units are in daily operation in LTL, TL and refrigerated service and process more than 2 million documents annually from the in-cab scanners. The technology is proven, the reputation is documented and its value is undisputed. We know what it takes to stay a step ahead of the competition and remain profitable in an industry where real-time information can make the difference between failure and success.



Our First In-Cab MDT

Introduced to a truck fleet in 1998 and was phased out in 2003, used for in-cab document scanning only.

Integrated In-Cab MDT

6" touch mobile data computer screen for ease of use. Used for in-cab document scanning only.

Our First In-Cab MDT 15" Screen

Mobile data computer with 15" touch screen for ease of use. Industrial grade scanner increased reliability, scanned documents faster and was easier to clean or clear paper jams. GPS was installed to provide real time position updates. Voice capability added for improved driver communication.

Modern In-Cab MDT

Lighter, more powerful 4th generation includes electronic driver logs, WIFI, and a separate scanner that can be stowed when not in use.