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A Fixed Mount or Portable MDT with Unlimited Talk, Text and Scanning!


Optimize and manage your fleet through In-Cab Technology.

A fleet management solution for the transportation industry.

What is iGlobal?

iGlobal LLC is the future of communications technology for the transport industry. Our units are in daily operation in LTL, TL and refrigerated service and process more than 2 million documents annually from the in-cab scanners. The technology is proven, the reputation is documented and its value is undisputed. We know what it takes to stay a step ahead of the competition and remain profitable in an industry where real-time information can make the difference between failure and success.

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Where Are the Most Scenic Routes for Travelers?

Where Are the Most Scenic Routes for Travelers?
May 20, 2015 by

An hour has 60 minutes. A minute has 60 seconds. An hour is filled with 3,600 seconds, and over the course of a long day on the road, that could...
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